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In the summer of 2015 Cisco Pinedo and I were engaged in a conversation many Americans are having: the problem of our country's vast prison population, and the statistics that tell the dire story.

• Since 1972 the prison population in the U.S. has increased 700%

• Taxpayers spent $80 billion dollars on incarceration in 2014, the second fastest growing government expenditure

• 67% of those released from prison are rearrested within 36 months

We were particularly troubled by the high rate of recidivism. As we looked deeper into the issue we identified an unlikely culprit: government funding that imposes restrictions on the organizations trying to help.

So we set out to design a program that could thrive outside of that funding system.

Drawing on our 50 years combined experience in business creation we developed a program that could generate up to 70% of its own operating expenses and thereby not rely on restrictive government support. And instead of providing people coming out of prison with a job, our program provides them with a future: the opportunity to own their own business.

Many thanks for your support.

Thomas Safian

Co-Founder & Executive Director